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Matt scores his second cover of Zigzag

Zigzag Magazine, vol. 39.2

Matt Pallet scores the cover on his favourite board, the SPAWN.
The picture was taken by Greg Ewing, at a Northern African island, where Matt along with Donovan Zoetmulder scored some very rare waves.
Matt had a torn MCL in his back knee but that didn't stop him from throwing it up there and nailing a sick shot...
With a volcano in the background too.

Be sure to pick up your copy of this Zag for more shots from the trip and much more.

Davey Surfboards Ep.1
Matt Pallets' 'Salad-Fingers' quiver

From left to right

Spawn 5'9 1/2

The perfect all round board. Matt will use this board in waves from 1 - 6ft,
choppy or glassy, hollow or fat, flat and anything inbetween.
This is the board he uses everyday, and films/shoots with most often.

Spawn-step-up 5'11

This Matts' slight step up board.
He uses it if the waves are firing and have long walls so he can get on the rail,
or if there are fast heaving barrels.
"This board just goes soo fast and loves being on the rail, I bust it often when I feel like
burrying a rail or if I want to fly through a barrel.
I'll use it in waves from 4 - 8ft." - Matt Pallet

Spawn 5'9 1/2

Matt uses this every day, can't just have 1!

'Salad-fingers' 5'8

Nick-named the 'Salad-fingers' by Matt,
It's basically a squashed down Spawn that he will use in tiny, grovelling waves.

Spawn 5'9 1/2

Matt goes really hard when he surfs, so he has a 3rd spawn in his quiver.

Optimus 6'1

This is what Matt busts out when the waves really big, no less than 6ft,
but really from 8ft onwards, he also has a 6'3, which is the same but more for slightly fatter waves,
where the 6'1 gives him more confidence in hollower waves.

ZigZag Cover
Matt Pallet/Davey Surfboards
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